About Creative Touch Limited

CREATIVE TOUCH LTD. is an Architectural Design Consulting and Interior Design Consulting firm established since 2004.

Our Interior Design services in Bangladesh produce custom interior and innovative furniture for different sectors, such as financial market, entertainment, technology, multimedia, fashion retail, food and beverage, property, health, and residential. From our special Services unit, we are prepared to help you planning and implementing audiovisual presentations, building and showing the latest model and design works mechanism displays.

Our aim is to deliver the best in creativity and quality design workmanship with originality. Exclusivity is also one of our distinct essentials if required by our customers. We always pay attention to every detail and put a time frame as the commitment of our services to each client and partner.

Contact us if you have any of the following needs:

Have a plot and looking to construct a house?

We can create Floor-Plans, Elevation Designs, Sanction Drawings and ready-to-build Working Drawings to help you construct your building

Bought a new flat or house and looking to design your interiors?

We can offer Interior Design Solutions for you

Have a new commercial office space and looking to have workstations designed and built?

We can create the Design Documentation for you and Project Manage the development of your Commercial Office Space.

Have land and want a Resort designed?

We can do the Design Documentation and Project Manage the development of your Resort project on a Turnkey basis.

Have an operational hotel and want the interiors refurbished?

We can re-design the interiors and Project Manage the refurbishment project for you.

Starting a restaurant?

We can design the interiors, create the Bill of Quantities for building the interiors and Project Manage the interior design ‘build’ project for you.

Have a plot and want to build a shopping mall or commercial complex?

We can do the Design Documentation and Project Manage the development of your shopping mall or commercial complex project for you on a Turnkey basis.