Architectural & Interior Consaltancy Service in my Area

Creative Touch Ltd. provide hands-on project management that is critical to your project’s success. Great project management involves keeping the design team on task, details in order, budgets on target and schedules on track. Exceptional project management goes beyond organizational skills and includes the ability to anticipate obstacles and respond proactively to avoid them.

Architectural Consultancy Services

Design & Drawing
  • Conceptual and Schematic Design
  • Structural Drawings (Column Layout, Pile Layout, Pile Cap, Sections, Grade Beam, Beam Section, Load Bearing Calculation, Column Schedule, Stair Detail)
  • Architectural Drawings (Plan Layout, Furniture layoutt, Typical Floor Plan, Parking, Roof Plan, Elevation, Section.)
  • Electrical Drawings (Wiring, AC, Plug Point, Power Supply, Lighting)
  • Plumbing Drawings (Detail Plumbing and Duct Detail.)
Rajuk Plan Approval
  • Normal Survey
  • Digital Survey with RAJUK NOC
  • RAJUK Drawing
  • Engineer’s Sign
  • Architect’s Sign
  • RAJUK Drawing Correction
  • RAJUK Approval
  • NOC/Work Permission from Housing (If Needs)


We strategize to be a partner with our customers from industries to corporates to architects to builders to residents through innovative designs optimized and efficient solutions. Our process include

Meet and Agree

Idea and Concept

Design and Create

Build and Install


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