Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

Creative Touch Ltd. is about creating inspirational places which allow people to thrive, and the kitchen should not be an exception. A modular kitchen is dynamic, with clear, sharp lines and smart ideas for blending storage and good looks. It will try to ensure that every corner of the food preparation area is beautifully lit, by natural light if possible. While it will be separated from dining and living areas (so that cooking odours tend not to drift around the house), a modular kitchen will still be easily accessible from the rest of the house. It is an integral part of a well designed home. Indeed, for some people, the kitchen will be the most important room in the house.

Interior design ideas for modular kitchens

A great idea to create a modular kitchen design is to choose a firm contrast between the floor and the cabinets and walls. This doesn’t mean clashing red tiles with blue painted surfaces. Instead, look at cool grey stone and wooden cabinets, or go for a light cream or white colour scheme. Bright colours will generally upset the harmony of the overall design and should be avoided. The colour will come from the odd decorative feature or flowers, not from the major elements of the modular kitchen.


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