Paint & Wallpaper


Wall colors and textures are the most important aspects of home décor – your choice of color scheme will affect your furniture and other décor choices. For interior decorators, it’s crucial to know which wall materials will work best for their clients. Choose wrong, and you could be risking an unsatisfied customer or possible damage to the home!

So before you finalize your design, make sure to study up on whether you should use paint or wallpaper in each room. There’s way more to it than just the color scheme!


A classic option, and generally the easiest to implement. Painting can be done by nearly anyone, is easy to change, and can be quite inexpensive. All of these factors lead many clients to prefer paint as their main wall finish. Especially if your client has children, they’re likely to change up the bedroom wall colors or have some damage to the walls.


Although wallpaper has been a mainstay in home décor throughout the years, its popularity has declined in recent decades. The reason wallpaper has staying power is because it literally has to stay power! Wallpaper can last decades, which is great news for mature clients who won’t want to change their décor anytime soon. Interior decorators also have a huge selection of patterns that bring life into a room – and you can find great deals if you keep an eye out!


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