Wardrobe Design Decor

If you lack ideas how to plan the wardrobe inside, this post is exactly for you. This time I’m sharing a wardrobe planning ideas as an item because I’ve already written about a wardrobe as a room earlier. Having taken into account how many and what kind of clothing / shoes or other items must be accommodated in a wardrobe, it’s much easier to plan its inward because it’s clear who needs drawers, who some larger height and who special metal drawers so that we could immediately see what’s inside.

Wardrobe inside design ideas

For convenience, it’s worth planning the space for ties, kerchiefs, underwear and socks. Don’t forget to leave space for a dryer, vacuum cleaner and a luggage if there’s no space for those items in other places. It’s always useful to appropriately use the height of a room and dedicate the highest cabinets for items that are most rarely used, that can be boxed for shoes, with non-seasonal shoes, spare pillows, etc. however, one should evaluate his height and use ladder / stair or a chair to reach the highest places. A wardrobe can be closed not only by doors, but also by curtains.


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